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Students and their parents should give considerable care to the type of clothing that is worn to school. Clothing should fit well and not be excessively tight or baggy. Clothing should be appropriate for the school environment and comfortable for play during recess. Dress standards for students in our Christian school reflect what is considered in good taste, neat and not offensive to others. Such an appearance is a positive image for the community and reflects students' pride in themselves and their school. Our dress code applies to school and BASP, as well as all school functions (i.e. trips, school play, etc.), unless otherwise designated. This dress code does not apply to Summer Kid's Club or holiday extended care. The administration reserves the right to rule any faddish style of hair, clothing, jewelry, or makeup as inappropriate.


- Slacks or walking shorts: plain, navy blue or khaki.

- Shirts/Blouses:  The following options are acceptable.

   * Polo Shirts:  Trinity Lutheran School Logo Shirt in gray or navy blue.
     TLS Logo Shirt must be worn on Chapel Days, Picture Day, and for all field trips;   

   * Plain polo style shirt in white, navy blue, light blue or dark green; short or long sleeve; 

   * Oxford style in white, navy or light blue; short or long sleeve;

   * Turtlenecks in white, navy blue or light blue.

- Belt:  solid color black, blue or brown belt with a plain buckle (required for 1st - 8th grade).

- Socks:  solid color white or blue; must be visible above the ankle.

- Shoes:  Tennis or dress shoes with closed toes.

- Girls may also wear plain, solid colored navy blue or khaki skirts, skorts, and jumpers or capri
   length slacks.

OUTERWEAR OPTIONS: Only the following are acceptable.

- The Trinity Lutheran School sweatshirt;

- Trinity Lutheran School jacket;

- Plain, solid color jacket, sweatshirt, hoodie, sweater or sweater vest; Please no brand advertising.

P.E. CLOTHING:  Boys and Girls, Grades 5 through 8

- White Trinity P.E. shirt, green Trinity P.E. shorts, white socks, sneakers.

- Solid blue, gray, or green sweat suits may be worn over P.E. clothes in colder weather.


- Only plain, solid color, white or navy blue, crewneck or turtleneck shirts may be worn under uniform

- Only solid colored, white or navy blue, non patterned tights may be worn under skirts or shorts.

- Girls may wear only 1 pair of stud earrings. Earrings are prohibited for boys.

- Hair should be clean, neat and natural. The School Administration has the final decision on hair style and

- Makeup is not allowed. Only clear finger nail polish is allowed.


- Shirts MUST BE tucked in at all times

- Waistband must be worn at the waist

- The Trinity Lutheran School Logo Shirt must be worn on Chapel Days, Picture Day, and for all field trips

- Shoelaces must be securely tied, shoes must be neat

PROHIBITED: Prohibited items include, but are not limited to the following:

- Any bare midriffs: Rule: If the student raises her arm over her head and any bare skin shows,
   the student is out of dress code.

- Any silk screen tee-shirts worn underneath shirts or blouses

- Any revealed underwear, including undershirts bigger than the uniform shirt they are worn under

- Jumpers, skirts or skorts shorter than 3 inches from the back of the knee

- Any appliqués, sequins, or designs on pants or skirts

- Any clothing item (except TLS logo items) with any printing, graffiti, emblems, or brand identification

- Any overalls or denim material

- Any ill-fitting item of clothing that is too tight, oversized, baggy, too short, or very long. (including monthly
  casual dress day)

- Any unhemmed, or frayed clothing

- Any pants, shorts, skirts worn below the waist

- Any makeup, colored nail polish or acrylic or false nails

- Any piercing in nose, lip, eyebrow or other areas

- Any jewelry on boys except for watches

- Any jewelry on girls except for 1 pair of stud earrings

- Any bandages worn to cover up earrings

- The wearing of professional or collegiate athletic team hats, jackets, and sweatshirts (the wearing of
  such iterms is currently identified in society as being inappropriate)

- Any shoes with a heel higher than 1"

- Any hats, caps or bandanas (casual dress days included)

- Any tails, colored styles including color extensions and two tone highlights

- Any male student with braids

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