Summer CAN'T Be Over Already!!!

Ah, but it is. There is precious little time left to work on that tan or summer project. But I always enjoy the transition to fall in the church because it means that the programs are restarting for another year. The school teachers and children are coming back, school supplies are arriving by the truckload, secretaries and staff are pulling out their hair (and each others)… it’s a fun time here at Trinity Lutheran!

Remember - Back to 2 Services!
Our summer schedule remains in effect through Labor Day weekend, but on Sunday, September 10th, we go back to our normal schedule: the 8 am Traditional Service and 10:30 am Contemporary Service, with Sunday school and Coffee Hour at 9:15.

Church Member Honored!
A new member of the church, Bob Johnson, shared with us that he is being honored by the French govern-ment with the National Order of Merit for his work in gaining recognition of WWI and WWII veterans. The presentation is scheduled for Monday, August 28th, and several members of the Women’s’ Bible study class, which Bob attends (we haven’t figured that out just yet) and others from the congregation plan to attend in his support. If you ask Bob, I bet he’ll show the medal to you!

Please Pray for Former Sr. Pastor O.K. Anderson and Kathy
We received news recently that Pastor O.K.’s Progressive M.S. continues to worsen, and he is having a great deal of difficulty getting around. If you want to contact them, please contact the church office for details.

Summer = Tight Finances!
This summer has lived down to expectations and maybe a bit more as we struggle through the hot months. With attendance taking its normal summer downturn, offerings have not been sufficient to meet ex-penses. This gets significantly more worrisome because our school enrollment is VERY slow to come up to the numbers we need to see.

I asked Alex Cardines, our school Principal, to write an article on the Thrivent Matching Funds program, explaining just how we can have several thousand dollars of your special gifts to the school matched. We will be exploring this and other means of bringing our congregation back to a more healthful financial footing this fall. All church and school families will be asked to participate in this in the coming months.

Blessings, peace, hope, joy and grace.

Pastor Larry