Where "Here" Is... Some Reflections

I'm finding it difficult to believe that I've been with you at Trinity for ten years now...  How the time has flown by!  My ministry officially began here September 11, 1994,  when I was called to be your Sr. Pastor.  One of the challenges I was given was to be the pastor to take Trinity "into the 21st century."  Well, here you are, and a few years beyond that.

It's interesting to see just where "here" is.  As I became acquainted with Trinity in those early days I learned of the challenges we would face together: nearly a million dollars of debt, aging buildings, a growing separation between the church and schools, budget shortfalls, staffing problems, no endowment fund, an outmoded constitution and board structure, no computers (to speak of) or computer wiring infrastructure, a barely functioning and inadequate phone system from the 1960's... the list could go on.

Now, however, the list of issues is different.  Sure, we're only 4 years or so from paying off the mortgage, the buildings are in better shape than they've been in for decades, the church and school play well together (generally), the finances are in good order, the Endowment fund has well over a half-million dollars in it to provide for ongoing ministry and future security, the constitution and board structure have been revamped, we have decent computers where they're needed and all the classrooms and offices are wired and networked, the phone/voicemail system is modern and helpful.  You've worked hard and accomplished a lot!!!!

But still there are issues...  Yes, we're stable and healthy, but there is more to being a church than that.  Stability brings its own dangers: complacency, fear of change, self-satisfaction...  All people and organizations need to re-invent themselves from time to time, to rethink the "whys" of their existence, and be ready to change direction as needed. Our Executive Committee has been evaluating current programs and direction and is preparing a summary of needed changes and suggestions for new directions.  New things are coming!

Other Fall News
As most of you know, our school principal, Kathy Rutt, has retired.  She has served us for about 10 years, and is moving on to do some consulting work and some teaching, as well as get some well-earned relaxation.  An old friend, Mr. Robert Federwitz, has come to work as interim.  Bob was principal when I came here and went on to work as Regional and National Director of Schools for the ELCA and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to take us through the interim period.  Welcome, Bob!

Worship Schedule Change: Beginning Sunday, September 12th, we are going back to our normal worship schedule, with the 8 am traditional worship and 10:30 am contemporary worship.  Preliminary evaluations seem to indicate that our summer One Service experiment was successful, but it will be good to get back to our normal schedule.

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Larry Becker