Got Critters?

Trinity is hosting its first annual "Blessing of the Animals" festival this Saturday, October 8th, from 11-3 pm. Pastor Anna-Kari and Pastor Becker will be blessing all creatures, great and small, furry and scaled, or otherwise decorated by the Creator. It is a chance to meet new friends in the neighborhood and connect with people in one of the ways that God connects with them - through their pets! People sometimes bring pets that aren't well, too, for a healing prayer. 
Animal blessings have been done for centuries. St. Francis, who lived in the late 12th century, is remembered for respecting and honoring all of creation and for having a special way with even the fiercest animals. As we remember his ministry, we embrace the beauty of creation and the joy of experiencing God's love through our pets. These, too, are ways in which God, who created and sustains all of creation, blesses and speaks to his people. 
All are welcome, but we ask that you maintain direct control of the pet for the safety of all. Dog and cat rescue organization will be there, vendors are coming, and a few special guests are invited. Our Girl Scout Troop is selling food and providing fun activities. It's a chance to show off your pet, have a great time, meet fellow critter lovers, and be blessed! The Comforters quilting group is also offering a special animal quilt for raffle. If you have any questions, please call the church office.
With Sorrow and Sympathy
We are sad to announce the passing last Sunday of Sandy Newill after heart valve surgery. Sandy was surrounded by family and friends, and by the prayers of God's people. We thank you all for your support and prayer for her and the family. The memorial service is scheduled for this coming Friday, October 7th, at 11 am, with lunch following.
Quilt Sunday!
One of my favorite Sundays of the year is Quilt Sunday, the day that we honor the women of our Comforters quilting group. This coming Sunday, October 9th, our sanctuary will be filled with the warmth of God's love through quilts! A few are offered for sale - if you're interested, come prepared!
Rooted in Faith Annual Fall Event!
Sunday, October 30th, you are invited to the Annual Rooted in Faith celebration. This year we are honoring the Comforters Quilting group and highlighting their ministry. All are welcome - 2-4 pm. Come for pie, ice cream, fellowship, and sharing.
God's Richest Blessings!
Pastor Larry