Busy Times

Savor the Moment
   This was the theme for the wonderful women's retreat in Big Bear over the October 13-15th weekend. The 22 ladies who attended had a great time, and grew in faith and closeness to one another. The theme took on a completely different meaning as some of them were heading down the mountain - the car that my wife and Shirley Rickard were in (yes, my car!) was totaled by a
hit-and-run driver (or hit-and-walk in this case, as he walked away from the accident and left the scene!).
  We "savor" our moments and relationships because events like this remind us of how fragile and short life really is. We are thankful to God that the injuries weren't more serious and that all will be well, and we pray for the person who left the scene. This sort of event certainly complicates life...

A New Lutheran Hymnal?
  Yes it's that time again. Many still haven't recovered from the last new Lutheran hymnal... and that was published in 1978!!! Time flies...
  Several of us are going to the synod's introductory workshop to the hymnal, which will be held at 1st Lutheran in Torrance on Saturday, November 11th from 8:30 am - 3 pm. The cost is $20 per person and you will receive lunch and a copy of the new hymnal. It is called the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, and we're going back to red for the color. Let us know in the church office if you’re interested in attending.

Stewardship Luncheon Meeting - Sunday, November 19th, 11:45 am
  The 2006/2007 church and school year is shaping out to be a pretty difficult one from many angles, not the least of which is the financial angle. We began our school year thirty children short of what we had realistically expected and budgeted for. Do the math: 30 kids times roughly $4,000 per kid, equals a $120,000 shortfall in income and with many fixed expenses, we’re scrambling to keep things going.
  While this is primarily a school issue, and will be dealt with in that part of the institution, this magnitude of shortfall can’t help but impact the rest of our staff and programs in the church as well.
  Please join us for lunch (salad and sandwiches) as we discuss the issues before us, invite you to pledge to support ministry, and share plans to move ahead into the new year.

In service to our Lord with you,

Pastor Larry