Something Different for Stewardship Month

At Trinity Lutheran, November always ushers in the Stewardship Drive for the coming year. In these drives we try to inform members about the direction and emphasis for the coming year, as well as invite them to support the ministries of our church. Over the past few years we’ve done this through a single dinner or dessert meeting. This year we’d like to offer something a little different. You are invited to attend one of a series of four cottage meetings to be held at my home:

- Thursday, November 10th
- Friday, November 11th
- Tuesday, November 15th
- Wednesday, November 16th

The meetings will go from 7:00-8:30 pm (or so - pastors always have to say that). The meetings will be held at Pastor Becker’s house. These meetings are intended for adults and confirmation-age and above kids - child care will not be provided.

These will be “coffee and pie” meetings, and you’re invited to bring a favorite pie to share with your Trinity Friends at the meetings (“Marie” will provide the rest.).

Why we’re trying something different...
While it’s a lot easier to hold just one meeting, many of your schedules do not cooperate with only one choice of a meeting night. Our goal is to increase your participation, involvement and support of our congregation.

What will we talk about at these meetings?
The agenda isn’t fully set yet, but among items discussed will be:

- our focus for next year,
- our response to the ELCA’s Churchwide Assembly vote against the ordination of openly gay clergy and how it should affect our giving to the national and Synodical church bodies
- a proposed connection with a new inter-ELCA coalition of conservative churches, which will attempt to reinsert a conservative, Biblical perspective in the life of the ELCA
- and pledging for the next year - pledge cards will be distributed and collected.

We hope you’ll join us. Sign-ups will begin on October 30th. Thank you for your support and care,

Pastor Larry Becker