The Easter SEASON: Celebrating the Risen Savior

"Christ Is Risen'. He Is Risen Indeed!"
In this way we greet each other on Easter Sunday and on the Sundays during the Easter Season.  This greeting connects us to Christians over the millennia since Jesus' death and resurrection, reminding us of the surprise and joy that Christians will always experience at that thought.

Surprise and Joy
It's easy to understand why the early Christians were absolutely astounded that, hope against hope, their Lord, Savior and friend was ALIVE.  Not that things were ever going to be the same (sometimes that's a good thing, isn't it? Growth and change can HURT!), but that their hope was RENEWED in a most unexpected, life and world changing way.

Resurrection still works that way
While we may have to endure the loss or even death of something we hold dear, or while we may have to grow beyond what makes us comfortable, renewal comes to us in surprising ways as we follow the path Christ lays out for us.  Growth and change are natural and sometimes surprising results of being touched by Resurrection.  Things may not ever be the same again, but following Christ and experiencing the Surprise and Joy of his presence and guidance can be amazing.

Pastor Larry