Where Is Your Lenten Journey Taking You?
 Some Lenten Thoughts...

Lent takes us to Easter, to the celebration and experience of the new life that Jesus won for us on the cross - but what does that mean to you, where you are today?
In Lent we acknowledge our brokenness, our sin, our mistakes - AND own up to the consequences! We can't blame God or others - just humbly open ourselves up to God and ask forgiveness. That's HARD! When we acknowledge that, despite the image we try to project, we just might actually have had SOME responsibility for the messes our lives can get in. THAT'S the beginning of change, of new life.

So, this is where you and your story comes in... What brokenness has touched your life? If you're like most of us, you won't have to look too hard to find something - health, family, job, relationships, or even in your personal life. Ask God to strip away the excuses, arrogance, fear and pride - and then ask him to give forgiveness and healing. I promise your journey will almost instantly change - and it may even get more difficult for a time as you are now bringing out in front of your journey those issues that need attention (instead of ignoring them or blaming others - including God).

"More difficult" is NOT all bad - it means that we are dealing with hard things - and if we DON'T deal with them, they will deal with us - and that will NOT be pleasant.

Help and support for the hard parts of your journey is here and available - Just ASK!

Blessings in your Lenten journey,
Pastor Larry