Transition Time Again...

It is with regret that I am informing the congregation that Pastor Laurie Arroyo has resigned her call as Youth and Family Pastor effective June 29,2003.  She has been here almost 2½ years, and will be greatly missed by many.

It was our intention that Pastor Laurie would write to the congregation in the Caller to inform you of this, but due to an unfortunate accident at the Memorial Day Family Camp, she will be off much of the rest of this month.  She stepped off of a curb wrong on her way to her car, and at this writing, it is believed that her ankle is broken.  X-rays will reveal more after the swelling is down.  Her doctor advised her not to go into work until a permanent cast is on the ankle.  We will know more in a week or so, I am sure.  Please keep Pastor Laurie in your prayers!

It is my hope that Pastor Laurie will be able to send out a letter to the congregation and/or be able to preach at least one more time to the congregation.  We will keep you informed.

Pastoral transitions are always difficult - grief is a natural emotion when someone important or special leaves us - but these transitions lead to new areas of ministry - both for the pastor as well as for the congregation.  At our council meeting last night, several avenues of developing ministry in the youth and famiily area were discussed and will be finalized in the months to come.  While we grieve, we move on.

I will try to "cover the bases" of ministry here in the coming months. Please be patient with me as well in this transitional time.  We'll try not to let, things "fall through the cracks." I count on your support, prayers and participation in ministry.


Pastor Larry

May 28, 2003