New Year, New Directions, New Challenges

There’s something about the New Year transition that pushes me to try to think differently about things. I don’t like the whole New Year’s Resolutions routine, but maybe it would be good to look at the way some things are working (or not) and re-evaluate.

We began that process this fall at Trinity, and through the Stewardship meetings in my home, through the work of the Evangelism and Spiritual Life Board, through the successful investing and management of the Endowment Committee, and through the generosity and involvement of our congregation members, we can perhaps begin moving ahead!

In our Stewardship meetings I challenged those 100 or so members to think about concerns and directions for Trinity’s near future. “Stir Us to Discipleship” was the theme I used, and people responded by sharing their concerns and hopes for Trinity.

Among the issues they shared were:

- Increasing Membership
- Developing a Singles’ Ministry
- Youth and Family Ministry and Sunday School/COW re-development
- Shut-in Ministry/Communion and altar flower distribution
- Community outreach and making neighborhood connections
- Implementing a Shepherding program
- Adding a Saturday Service, and
- Providing more healthful foods for refreshment (Thanks “Stable Mabel”!)

While there were other issues mentioned, this list certainly indicates a direction of concern on the part of Trinity membership. So, what do we do about it? Clone Pastor Larry? No, one is more than enough!

The Evangelism and Spiritual Life Board submitted a proposal to the Endowment Committee to fund half of a part-time Outreach and Program Development Staff person, whose job it will be to help with the implementation of the small group ministry program, work with fellowship groups and youth and family ministry programs. The Endowment Committee voted to fund the request, and after the Congregational Meeting we will begin the process of looking for staff.

The final piece to this puzzle is the generosity and involvement of YOU! The Endowment Fund will help with half of the cost of the staff member, but we will need to increase our offerings to help with the other part. We asked what you felt we needed, and we are putting together a plan to meet the needs. Now you need to help us fund the solution.

This year will be a year of growth and expansion of ministry here at Trinity. Thank you in advance for sharing your gifts and your time in further developing our ministry here.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Larry