Lent, 2004

This Lenten Journey is our theme for our mid-week services during this Lenten season, which begins Ash Wednesday, February 25th.  Scripture often uses the metaphor of a journey or road as a way to help us understand the life of faith.  This series looks at some of the journeys that Jesus and his disciples took to give us insight into our journey.  The titles for the different services are:

The Road to Damascus, where life is given new direction.
The Road in the Wilderness, on which the Holy Spirit leads us from baptism    (Jesus' and our own) to confrontation with temptation.
The Road Home, helping us explore the story of the Prodigal Son and his journey.
The Road to Jerusalem, in which we journey with the disciple Peter and his role as stumbling block to Jesus.
The Road to Jericho, on which we meet the "Good Samaritan," who serves as an example for God's people.
The Bethany Road, which leads to the home of Mary and Martha and the funeral of their brother Lazarus.
The Road to Gethsemane helps us understand the difficult choices that Jesus made, and calls us to live beyond our fears.
The Road to Calvary leads to the confrontation of evil and our call as God's people to take up our cross as Jesus did.

These may sound like a series of rejected titles for old Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road pictures" (remember those?), but they, of course, aren't.  The trials and tribulations of Bob and Bing, as well as Dorothy Lamoure, pale in comparison to the real struggles we as God's people endure.

So, as we journey together we will consider where our own roads, our own journeys of faith, are leading us.  All of this to better prepare us for Easter and the celebration anew of Jesus' resurrection - and our own to new life.  Please join us in our Lenten Journey!

Pastor Larry Becker