The "Season" Is Upon Us

     I like seasons-that is, the change from one thing to the next that is completely out of my control - because they, in a way at least, move us onto the next thing, keeping us from getting stuck in one type of weather, one sport, one style of clothes, and so on.  Having a sense that it"s all beyond my control is almost comforting, and I can nearly always find something really wonderful in whatever season is upon me - well, except for, in my Nebraska and Minnesota days, tornado season (at least it makes for some interesting cloud formations) and "cold and flu season" (wouldn't wish that on anyone).

     The "Holiday Season" is upon us ("Run Away!!!"), and that brings some bad and some wonderful things with it.  For Christians who focus on the Lord and are involved in his church, it's all wonderful!  No, really, it is!!  Trust me, you'll see!  We have so many great activities designed to involve you more deeply in the life of faith.  We'd love to have you join us!  If nothing else (tongue placed firmly in cheek here), it's a great way to escape from commercials and the shopping hoards...

Thanksgiving Events
This newsletter should be getting to you on or about the time that the Thanksgiving holiday arrives.  With our "Give Thanks" event (5 :30-7pm) and worship service focusing on what God has done for us (7 pm), this makes a great entry into the holidays.
Advent Eve Candlelight Communion Service
This service is a tradition here at Trinity, and it's designed to help us look at some of the classic advent themes for the season as we come upon Christmas anew this year.  We meet at 7 pm on November 28th.
Advent Craft Workshop
This favorite yearly event gives us an opportunity to begin our Advent/Christmas preparations with our children/grandchildren in a truly special way.  We make Christmas crafts, enjoy some treats and music, and get things off to a good beginning. Wednesday, December 1st, from 6-8 pm in the Parish Hall.
Advent International Potluck
This fellowship event intends to be a time of sharing on several levels.  OF COURSE, as good Lutherans, we come to eat; but there's more.  Bring favorite holiday foods from your traditions to share. In our diversity we find strength and joy.  Saturday, December 4th, from 5-7 pm in the AMC.
Christmas Caroling
This is a yearly opportunity to go caroling to some of our shut-ins.  I'll play guitar; you sing.  It will be great!  We meet in the choir room at 1 pm on Sunday, December 12th, and gather when we return for some Christmas treats.
Christmas Programs
Our Sunday School presents their annual Christmas program between services at about 9:15 am, and our Chancel Choir presents their program at 4pm, both on Sunday, December 19th.
Christmas Eve Services
Our tradition here is for an early service oriented for families with children at 7pm, followed by a Candlelight service at 11 pm.  Truly one of the highlights of our worship year!
Open house at the Beckerís
We would like to invite you all to our home again this year for some Christmas treats, fellowship and to share some Christmas Carols. Dec. 26th from 2-5 pm. 

So much to do, so much to share, so much to enjoy.  Blessings on this Christmas Season! 
Pastor Larry