It's sometimes hard to get things moving - one has to overcome inertia and build momentum in many things in life, whether they are personal, physical, spiritual, or organizational. It isn't enough to talk (or complain!) about things. Nor is it enough to have good intentions, either. None of these things work. It takes putting one foot in front of the other, moving in the direction you've chosen (which means you've got to choose a direction first!).

I'm writing this because I want to share some momentum shifts I'm seeing at Trinity. It's slow to get going, but it really is happening. We are seeing an incredible increase in enthusiasm, activity and energy around the church - and now we're seeing the toughest thing to change begin to move: worship attendance.

We had been seeing ups and downs in attendance, but now, since April, we are seeing steady increases: for April, 49 higher than April last year; for May, 27 higher than last year; for June, 166 higher; and for July (the first four Sundays), 25 higher than 2010 (four Sundays only). Praise God for his goodness, and for the power of the Gospel to open and change hearts!

Yard Sale

Um, WOW! What an amazing event! The goal was to raise $2,000 to help with a projected $11,000 possible church cash shortfall during the year (especially painful during the summer months), and to combine efforts with the preschool to raise another $500 for them for their new Toddler program (they were going to have their own yard sale but combined with the church). The last count came in at over $6,000 raised! John and Ellen Brewer, and all the rest of the team and workers: GREAT JOB!!!

Holy Land 2012 Trip

Shirley and I, along with Pastor Hurst from First Lutheran in Torrance, are in the beginning stages of planning a study trip/pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and possibly Jordan and maybe Egypt.

Please let us know if you're interested, and join us at the meeting on July 31st if you're able. If not, call and let us know you might be interested! It's still in the planning/dreaming stages - but what an opportunity to grow spiritually and have a deeper connection with the Bible and Jesus!

Pictorial Directory-YES, it's Really that Time Again!

It was 2005 when we last took pictures for the pictorial directory for Trinity, and it's time again. Every five or so years is about right, and especially if there is a change in pastoral staff (Pastor Johnson!) and new things happening that we want to promote. More details are coming, but we will be inviting people to help with the layout and organization process, and Patrica will be inviting you to make sure your directory information is correct later on August 28th when you come to church. We want to have everyone in the church, school, preschool, and every other connection with the church, become a part of this outreach project! Photos will be taken on October 14th, 15th and 17th. More details will be following shortly - STAY TUNED!!!!

Pastor Anna-Kari's Mission Trip to El Salvador
As I write this, Pastor Anna-Kari is just getting ready to leave for LAX to go to El Salvador with her family and 21 people to share the gospel and work alongside God's people there. Please keep them in your prayers: for safe journey, wonderful faith-building experiences, and fruitful ministry.

Momentum: it's a great thing to experience as it begins to gather steam. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at Trinity!

Pastor Larry