Re-Dedicating Our School as an Offering to God

It’s really a fun thing to see people truly inspired about the school again! What an amazing amount of momentum and positive energy we have going for us right now!

We’re seeing our enrollment numbers begin to come back. We’re seeing our teachers trembling with excitement (or is that fear?) because of the new technology aids and curriculum that’s coming. We’re seeing REAL, meaningful, substantial changes being made in our school on several levels – everything from roofs to ceilings to carpet to paint to electrical work – all fundamental changes and improvements to our school ministry.

This is far too important and meaningful to just let happen as if it were business as usual. Some are suggesting a kind of rededication service for the school... and I think that’s a great idea. And not just having some kind of ceremony for the start of the school year – I mean, actually rededicating the facility and ministry to God. It could be done as an extension of our worship service one Sunday morning, as a way to honor all the work done by so many people, as well as to set a course for the years ahead.

The plans are still tentative, but look for something to begin to firm up either right before or after the start of school in late August or early September. We’ll make an announcement as the details are forthcoming. I’m JUST heading off for 2 weeks of vacation, and as soon as I return, we’ll put the plans in motion and announce them to the congregation.

And this is just on the school front! There is MUCH more to come! A new Lighthouse and youth ministry! A new associate pastor... new worship materials... wow! I tremble, but not with fear, but with excitement at what God is doing in this place.

Thank you all for your support in ministry. It’s exciting to see things come together in a new beginning, reclaiming the best of what God has called us to do and gifted us to accomplish together.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Larry

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