How Can Summer Be Almost Over?

What happened to the peaceful, idyllic days of Summer? I think there was a half hour a few weeks ago, where all seemed calm and restful -- but that’s just a faint memory now… Trinity Lutheran is not a quiet place!!! What’s going on???

Meetings: Council meetings, board meetings, committee meetings, strategic planning meetings, bathroom refurbishment meetings, Natural Church Growth Health committee meetings (more about that later), staff meetings… Things are happening and people are taking interest and getting involved!!!!

Classes: A New member class, Lay Communion classes, Women’s Bible Studies, our Sunday Morning Women’s study and Library Bible Study classes, Sunday School classes, Men’s weekly Bible Studies, Vacation Bible School, Church on Wednesday classes on the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia and the book/DVD material on The Lutheran Handbook -- I don’t think I’ve EVER seen as much study activity around here!

Work Parties: LOTS of Cleaning and painting parties, trying to get the school ready for the next year. Amazing things have been accomplished around here… Thank you all for your support!

Work on the infamous Pictorial Directory... It’s out for a 2nd proof RIGHT NOW. Projections for getting the completed book into people’s hands: (Drum roll, please…) Rally Day, this September. Yeah, I know... you’ll believe it when you see it... (me, too!!).

Special Services: Confirmation, baptisms, funerals (every time there is a work day -  not sure what THAT’S about!), and a wedding in August...
Thank you all for participating so joyfully in the ministry that is Trinity Lutheran Church and School!

I wanted to call your attention to the TWO WORSHIP SURVEYS enclosed in the Caller this month. The Blue one comes out of the Worship Board... they want to find out from you some specifics about your needs and preferences for worship. Are we meeting your needs? The TAN one comes from the Natural Church Development Health team (“NCD”). They’ve been working with the results of the survey that many of you took last year. Paul Davis and the NCD team are planning an informational gathering on Sunday, August 26th to sort out new directions in worship. There’s more information on the back of the survey sheet... PLEASE take a few moments and fill in the surveys!!!

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor Larry