Our Easter Greeting:
Christ Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

Throughout the 7 weeks of the season of Easter, this is our greeting in worship on Sundays - Why? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT fact about our faith - NOTHING makes any difference outside of the fact of the resurrection. Nothing.
Because Jesus was raised from the dead, conquering (as Luther would say) sin, death and the devil, we can live victoriously over them as well. And with that victory comes freedom to live real lives of faith - lives that make a difference in the lives of others, lives that matter, lives that amount to something other than just a waste of time, space and energy. What are you doing with your freedom? What difference are you making to someone? How are you being a light?

Happenings Around Trinity
I wanted to highlight a couple of things that have happened here recently...

On Maundy Thursday ("Mandatum Novum," a new commandment to love as Jesus loved, remember?), we celebrated with First Communion with six children from our church and school. We rejoice with them as they grow in grace and take this next step in their lives of faith as Christians: (from left to right) Tristan Simmons, Christopher Hernandez, Isiah Sebala, Ivan Ruiz, Zoe Bird, and Robin Frodsham. In addition, Zoe Bird was baptized that evening as well. Congratulations, kids!

Our Lighthouse Youth are hosting a special luncheon and presentation for the Voice of the Martyrs ministry, inviting us to come to deeper understanding about the plight of persecuted Christians TODAY in other parts of the world. This takes place immediately following the 2nd service on Sunday, April 11th. PLEASE plan to attend!

Of course we have our Jazz Concert coming up this Saturday, April 10th at 6 pm (see announcement below for details).

You perhaps didn't notice, but there is a new addition to our school yard. As you drive in the parking lot from 130th St., notice the new play structure on the right behind the chain link fence.
Funded by our kids and parents through the PTO, this is a long-needed upgrade to our school yard. Our old play structure was in need of repair and not up to current play structure code. It's great to see our school growing and moving forward!
And, while we're in the back parking lot, did you notice what isn't back there?  Many thanks to the Property Board, Craig LaFlower, Fred Noah, Bob Johnson, Brent Frodsham and all who participated in the removal of the HUGE, UGLY tree stump. In 2001 it was cut back to a stump because some huge branches were falling off and were a danger to kids and cars. This was a major project!! MANY thanks to all who worked so hard to remove the huge stump! 

Whew... this is a busy place! Thank you all for your participation in and support of ministry.
Christ Is Risen!
Pastor Larry Becker